Building A Community of Neighbors

Blackberry Eradication Project – Rose City Bluff (Sundays Beginning in March)

  • 09:00 AM
  • NE 62nd Avenue and Sacramento Street Portland Oregon 97220

In recent years non-native blackberries have rapidly overwhelmed the bluff along the north side of the Rose City Golf Course adjacent to NE Sacramento between 62nd and 70th.  Beginning in March 2018 an ever-growing group of neighborhood residents have volunteered to expunge these thorny invaders by hand.  The blackberries are in retreat but not yet thwarted!  The group meets every Sunday morning (weather permitting) at the 62nd Avenue stairs. The goal is remove the blackberry bushes in order to protect and encourage the many native trees and plants that exist on the bluff.  Many hands make light work and good friends.  If you would like to join us, contact Suzanne Briggs at for more information.